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by Klara Victor (2019-04-29)

When a tiny London home is valued 10 million pounds, it not the building that is valuable but the land (in the case of London, the lease, as pure ownership of property is the monopoly of the city of London). People will have a tendency to build a more luxurious building when the land is so ridiculously expensive. But fundamentally, the value of the land and the value of the building on it are independent.

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Reigning purple royalty Prince will always have a special place in our hearts, but for some people, this place is really special. October 13 marked the 20th anniversary of the Love Symbol Album release, and we checked out the some of the craziest Prince merchandise we could find. Considering the guy is super particular about his image, these finds are pretty precious..

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It might well be forgotten as Hamilton will likely win the championship, but what a driver this is from Vettel. Ericsson's car on fire as he pits to sort problem. That's his race done.. He will probably wonder how he failed to finish with a brace, showing off his delicate footwork to glide through the area only to roll his shot against the post, but 21 other players on the pitch would probably not have got that far. Had he lined up in a red shirt, the points might well have followed him. In their last 16 games they have been denied by the frame of the goal on no fewer than 13 occasions.

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