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by Lionel Wyrick (2019-04-29)

Cellulose is derived from plants; it's the primary compound that makes up plant cell walls. What makes it a popular ingredient in processed foods is that depending on its form, it can play several roles. Small cellulose particles give salad dressings and ice cream a smooth texture with a creamy mouthfeel; bigger cellulose fibers provide structure, texture and moisture to baked goods without adding fat.

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wholesale jerseys Eileen Roe becomes most successful Tour Series rider with victory in Bath rainShe became the most successful individual rider in the eight year history of the Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series11:46, 21 MAY 2017Updated13:49, 22 MAY 2017Eileen Roe most successful Tour Series rider with victory in Bath rainEileen Roe became the most successful individual rider in the eight year history of the Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series as she sprinted to victory in the heart of Bath on Saturday afternoon (May 20).The 2014 Series Champion recorded her first Matrix Fitness win for Team WNT, outsprinting Storey Racing duo Elizabeth Jane Harris and Neah Evans at the end of another rain soaked race.The current British Circuit Race Champion headed home a nine rider group that went clear round a technical circuit based around the world famous Great Pulteney Street in Bath, helping Team WNT to their first team win of the Series.It was a close fought affair however, with several of the teams outside the top three taking it to the bigger squads meaning that WNT only took the victory on the night on countback after being level on points with Storey Racing and Drops.Round six of the 2017 Tour Series took place in central BathAfter their successful evening at Round Five in Croydon, Storey Racing duo Harris and Evans almost pulled off another one two, instead being content with second and third, along with the lead in the Eisberg Sprints Jersey and the Brother Fastest Lap award for the former.Team OnForm also continued their strong run of form, with junior Anna Henderson sprinting to fourth in only her fourth ever Tour Series event, while Charlotte Broughton continued her consistent finishing to record fifth. There was also a best ever result for VeloSchils Interbike with Madeleine Gammons in eighth.'Medical emergency' blocks family ride of Tour Series in BathDrops continue atop both the team and individual standings, the former with Rebecca Durrell, now 12 points clear of Emily Nelson, with a second Drops rider Park in third, 33 points off top spot.The squad are slowly edging clear in the team championship, with over a 50 point lead from Team Breeze, who are being closely tailed by Team WNT, just nine points behind.Children, mums and dads enjoy family ride of Tour Series in BathHighlights of the Bath round will be on ITV4 at 7pm on Monday (May 22) and available on demand via the ITV Hub. The highlights will also be broadcast on Eurosport and the Eurosport Player service.Round Seven of the Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series takes place in Motherwell, as the Series heads to North Lanarkshire for the third time wholesale jerseys. cheap nfl jerseys