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Lawyer in Chandigarh - An Overview

by Jolie Sirmans (2018-10-23)

to stall the proceedings and to keep their creditors at bay. II of 1876 were illegal. The vacuum, thus created has been filled by an amendment to the Companies Act. The appellant contested the suit. The following provisions (omitting the words not material to this case) would show that those provisions Advocates of section 35(3) are directory and not mandatory and that any omissions in the manner of service of the notice are mere irregularities which would not vitiate the proceedings unless it was shown that those irregularities bad prejudicially affected the proceedings:- "No resolution of a municipality deemed invalid on account of any irregularity in the service of notice upon any councillor or member provided that the proceedings of the municipality .

In their reply, the respondents denied the right of the appellant to assess the lands to revenue, and followed it up by instituting two suits before the Revenue Judge for establishing their rights. No grounds were communicated to them under s. Whatever was given by the State Government of Baroda to the Baroda Municipality became municipal property or municipal fund under ss. - 3 (1) Of the Jammu and Kashmir Preventive Detention Act on April 26, 1956, with a view to preventing them from acting in a manner prejudicial to the security of the State.

They accordingly prayed for a declaration that the Government had no right to levy any assessment on these lands, or, in the alternative, that such assessment should not exceed what was payable under Bombay Act No. II of 1876, issued notices to the respondents proposing to levy assessment on the lands at the rates mentioned therein, and calling for their representation. (1) If in any such case the Judge disagrees ,with the verdict of the jurors, or of a majority of the jurors, on all or any of the charges on which (any accused person) has been tried, and is clearly of the opinion that it is necessary for the ends of justice to submit the case (in respect of such accused person) to the High Court, he shall submit the case accordingly, recording the grounds of his opinion, and, when the verdict is one of acquittal, stating the offence which he considers to have been committed (and in such 965 case, if the accused is further charged under the provisions of section 310, shall proceed to try him on such charge as if such verdict had been one of conviction).

The Revenue Judge held that as a result of the land acquisition proceedings between 1864 and 1867, the lands vested in the Government freed from any liability to pay assessment, and that when the Governor-General transferred them under 1314 Exhibit A without reserving the right to assess them, the purchasers had the right to hold them without any liability to pay revenue. The Parliament has apparently taken note of this and has repealed SICA by the Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Repeal Act, 2003.

they were entitled to bold them without any liability to pay revenue thereon. In their plaints, they alleged that under the provisions of the Foras Act the maximum assessment leviable on the lands was 9 reas per burga, and that the Government had no right to enhance it; that the effect of the land acquisition proceedings between 1864 and 1867 was to extinguish the right of the State to levy even this assessment, and that further, having purchased the properties absolutely from the Governor-General under Exhibit A.

Occasions are not infrequent when not so scrupulous debtors approach B. (4) For the purpose of rehabilitating affected persons from the affected zone under an irrigation project, including those under any irrigation project who have remained to be rehabilitated, on land, the State Government may acquire land from holdings in the benefitted zone of the project according to the slab declared in the notification under sub- section (1) of section 13 and may also acquire, where necessary, land from any other villages or areas, as it may deem fit.

is sought to be taken advantage of. 63 and 65 of-' the Act and was not capital in the sense in which a return on paid up or working capital is to be allowed" for in the matter of the grant of bonus in accordance with the decision in the Muir Mills case (supra). He accordingly granted a declaration that the appellant had no right to levy assessment, and -that the notices issued by him under Act No.

The Advocates delay before the B. As this will require a certain amount of time, I am Advocates directed to give you advance information of this step and hereby request the Government of West Bengal to issue a provisional warrant of arrest which ensures Muller's detention up to the date of his extradition to Germany. In April 1942 the appellant acting under the provisions of Bombay Act No. (a) Advocates If the value increases and is highest at the date of verdict, the result is the same as taking the test of the value at the time of verdict, for the plaintiff obtains the value at the time of conversion, and in addition the increase in value as special damages.

8 (1) of the Act and no declarations were made under the Advocates proviso of that section. were not prejudicially affected by such irregularity". The two petitioners were detained under S.