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by Hallie Melville (2019-04-29)

Gentle Jersey, the most southerly of the British Isles, closer to France than to our south coast, claims to enjoy more sunshine hours than any other corner of the land. For most visitors, a trip to Jersey is all about the landscape. In summer, looking out from the cliff path above the blue waters and golden sands of St Brelade's Bay on the south west coast, you could imagine yourself to be in the Mediterranean.

Honestly, I haven figured this game out. I figured out which cards are nice together, but how I want my entire deck to look is still evading me. I have had good decks and then just slowly ruined them by adding cards I thought would help. A better indicator, if geological maps are not available, are other fossils fond in the area such as invertebrates, reptiles, mammals, and birds. But that would require you to find the other fossils, do more research to determine the species as well as their geological age, and then compare the information to the shark fossil record for the area. Maps are WAY easier..

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I believe governments control over resources is just as much exploitation as anything else. (Which is to say, i don really believe these things are exploitation.) The employer is providing a service to the employee, and the seller is providing a service to the customer, not exploiting them. Tell me if I wrong..

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And I'm embarrassed to tell you, I have not, I did a while back, but I have not gone to the bookstore to check, or ask, but I'll make sure we do that. It's safer and better just to do No. 1, or if you have a championship in a certain year do that, but not to reflect the numbers of the players until we get that piece figured out..

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