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by Lesley Maughan (2019-04-28)

Figuring out what triggers the episode is the first step to ridding yourself of them. Mine started in hgihschool and lasted until I got into a career after college. They were relatively rare until I began stressing over graduation and getting a job in my field.

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They were all very close but Archimonde wanted power and too learn everything. KJ wanted his Planet to be safe from the void and thought Sargeras was the only way. Velen knew they were both wrong and left.. I wouldn be able to forgive stealing but I think you put her in a position where she can win. She literally can afford to do the stuff you want to do but you make her feel like she has to pay 50/50 which she just can I think you should either relax a LOT about money or date someone in the same financial situation as you because you are not being fair. When you are in a situation w/ someone that makes less money and you don want to pay more, you have to do things that are within the financial grasp of the person with the lesser income.

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