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by Federico Wiles (2019-04-25)

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To build a successful company, entrepreneurs need to play a variety of roles visionary, sales representative and morale builder, to name a few. But, in some cases, especially in the early years, they may need to play another, less obvious one: illusionist. That means finding resourceful ways, like renting temporary office space or using answering services, to make themselves seem larger and more firmly established than they may actually be.

Smith felt nervous at first when he heard the Seattle based coffee company was building a new store just hundreds of feet from his business. But now he's more at ease with the idea since reading up on Starbucks' business strategy. Not only does he think his stand can coexist with a Starbucks nearby, he also believes it may benefit and draw additional customers from those who drive by his stand during peak hours..

I see your point, but I would like to think most people are only saying that because of affirmative action laws, etc. That actually have awarded jobs to people of color/minority status over someone with better qualifications simply because of their skin color/ethnic background (although I don see that being a thing in the military). Also, I heard of women in the military not being required to undergo the same physical tests with the same minimum passing score as men, though being a general requires a lot more than just physical strength and endurance so I also couldn see that being a factor.

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