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by Denis Howerton (2019-04-25)

OK, that was a little bit of snark. But on a day when the Chargers played what almost certainly felt like their seventh of 16 road games, before a preponderance of Broncos orange in StubHub Center, their defense served notice that they aren going quietly.The 21 0 clean sheet, if we can use a term more appropriate to the other sport played in this stadium, was the first laid on the Broncos since Nov. 22, 1992.

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He also never really got tested in coverage at Alabama. In the rare instances that he dropped it was very short zones. Never carrying someone down the seam.. That's why it always sounds like it's really easy but until we get going and things start flying around, you never know if you can go up or if the price it will cost you to go up. Or, if you go back, is there a trade partner to go back? So that's why there's a lot of smoke this week. Until we really get to Thursday (night) and get into it, you don't really know who is serious and who is not.".

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