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by Lanora Henry (2019-04-25)

It sad that Prosise is made of glass because of the group, I think he is the most intriguing and would make the largest impact. Fant would probably edge him out but we got a left tackle now so Fant is left to either a backup spot or starting right tackle. I really, really hope we see development from Darboh.

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Opening Day at Coors Field will also feature a traditional "America's Pastime" theme, with a parade around the warning track that pays tribute to all branches of the United States military. The first by Rockies season ticket holder Andrew Wildenberg, the second by King Sooper's Director of Real Estate, Randy Wright, and the third by Special Community Guest Jon Lujan. Rooftop activities will feature music spun by DJ Billy Beats and pregame drink specials through first pitch.

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