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Be Bikini Model-ready in a Jiffy

by Andrea Earp (2019-04-25)

tendance beachwearToning the abs

Though having a completely toned body is the way to go when preparing to become a bikini model, there are specific parts that one has to focus more attention on. One area that guys and fashion, fitness, and modeling agencies and magazines look for is the tummy area. Flat stomachs and subtly defined abs are the rage in the bikini modeling industry, and are the perfect complement to that micro string bikini. Crunches are the traditional way to have those flabs melt away and those abs to announce themselves. However, if you don't have the space or the patience to do crunches, you can also tone your abs through other exercises. A plank pose is one example of toning your tummy without having to do crunches. Balancing yourself on your toes and on your palms while tucking in your belly button and keeping your back straight can help you tone those stomach muscles easily.

Getting some cardio workout

A cardio workout is also one way of achieving that perfect micro bikini girl physique. Cardio workouts are designed to make your heart rate go faster through different exercises that target different body parts. Not only will you sculpt and tone many target muscles in one go, the increased heart rate can also help you burn more calories and fat faster.

Having a regular workout

After learning these simple exercises, you should be able to achieve that perfect bikini model body through regular exercise and proper diet. Set aside a time period each day for working out so that you can develop a schedule or a regimen that is sure to bring you closer to your goal of becoming a bikini model in no time.

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