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by Alannah Flegg (2019-04-25)

The compassion of the counselors, therapists, and body workers who were poised to serve there was knocking at my own heart as well. The melting of my own armor of numbness was immediate as I allowed myself to connect with the intention to heal that this white space was imbued with. All it took to feel alive with meaning and purpose was that shift in my consciousness.

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I have been thinking about this "folding displays" thing and one thing it might possibly be is some sort of placemat type of screen which sends signals for use with AR device or glasses which could include a KINECT type of bar for working sudo physically with media. Think about it. If you had something that looked like a bar that sits on a table (hand gesture tracker) with a roll out display that is generating light codes on it then your hand movements would be able to turn objects without having to walk around them with your phone or AR glasses.

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People with BPD also frequently project their problems and emotions onto others, says Dr. Oldham. "They can't tolerate to acknowledge that they're the ones with the problem, so they blame others instead," he says. Andy Murray is melting in the Florida heat. It's the final round set three, game one of the Miami Open, the biggest tennis tournament in Florida, the second biggest in America, and, for at least a little while longer, the fifth biggest in the world. The match is even at one set each.

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