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Boy Scout Wilderness Survival Kit

by Jani Mauldin (2019-04-25)

When putting together a bug out bag or any other kind of emergency kit, it is good to know what the most essential items are. Always pack two compasses in your survival kit or one larger and one miniature compass is a good decision. Food and water - Carry enough to get you where you want to go, plus a little extra. Organize your mini survival kit so that the items fit most efficiently, but also so that you can easily reach what you'll need quickly.

For me, the peace of mind in knowing it's there on the shelf to grab if I need it is reason enough to have taken the time, effort, and money to build it. I hope that my thoughts about the Bug Out Bag have been informative and helpful (and maybe inspirational) as you consider building your own.

A collapsible water bucket, can help you gather water from a stream or collect rain running off of your shelter, and it takes up almost no room in your survival kit. Which brings us to the fact that you will want to choose a waterproof survival backpack. I'm also assuming you're carrying at least the basics of an EDC kit (Every Day Carry) , like a lighter, a knife, and a flashlight.

Sure, you'll be prepared for just about ANY medical emergency but that's it. You won't have room for all the other necessary survival supplies. Having a survival bag ready for emergency situations is never a terrible idea — especially now that it's winter and freezing cold out.

It also includes a comprehensive guide so that folks can learn how to use the first-aid kit carefully to treat injuries and accidents. We estimated the cost of all the items in the kit then compared the total to the kits' retail price. Very little extra space in bag for additional items (e.g. sturdy shoes, warm clothes, medication), and no extra compartments in drawstring-type swim bag.

A small USB AC adapter (a good one, not the crappy ones) won't hurt to carry but you might not have AC available so the next few items will give you a LOT more flexibility. This is a great list to get started with and you will have to make adjustments based on what type of load you can carry, how far you are traveling, and who is traveling with you.

An earthquake survival kit should be included in your survival gear investment. Water: Because I live in the SW desert, water is the most vital emergency component of a survival kit. Survival is all about toughening up which is why you need to avoid packing items simply for the sake or entertainment or out of habit.