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by Alannah Flegg (2019-04-24)

I tried to convince myself that I just liked room temperature coffee and no sleep. Going back to work was the best thing I ever did for my mental health. You can only have so many conversations with 3 year olds before you start feeling a little insane..

Sex ed, drug education, and alcohol don go on killing sprees in schools. If this guy wasn allowed to carry a backpack for fear of him carrying a weapon, then there is no justification for him learning how to operate a gun. All this kind of training does is make him a more efficient killer when he does get his hands on a gun..

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The 3rd floor was also known to have paranormal activity. We only used that floor on busy times of the year. Often it was no more than 3 people working on the floor at a time, sometimes it was only 2 and if we were short staffed there were times you were running the floor by yourself.

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And now, 14 years after his NHL career has ended, Paul Coffey has been elected. Which is deserving but odd in the way they come up with athletes and compare sport to sport. There something comforting about turning your television on in an American hotel room, finding the hockey game and hearing Gord Miller or Chris Cuthbert doing play by play.

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