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by Bryon Armbruster (2018-11-17)

special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation following the appointment of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.
according to a source familiar with the call.
Two sources said that Nadler, 카지노 presumptive Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff of California and presumptive Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland spoke to explain the steps they had already taken since Whitaker's appointment, 바카라사이트 including directing numerous agencies to preserve documents in the Mueller investigation and related to Sessions' firing.
The letters, 텐텐 카지노 which signaled that Democrats plan to investigate the ousting when they're in the majority next year,
One source on the call said the Democratic speakers laid out the case for rank-and-file lawmakers
Mueller's independence a "condition of passage" to fund the government next month.
of the remaining legislation to fund the government, which has to be done by December 7."
CNN's Kate Bolduan asked the New York Democrat.
"I wouldn't call it holding hostage," Nadler said, but said he thinks the
They've called for Whitaker's recusal over conflicts of interest in
Nadler told Bolduan that Whitaker is "not fit" for the role