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by Alejandra Gabel (2019-04-29)

As a very efficient absorber of nutrients and particulates, sea vegetables are generally not harvested from polluted regions, and the waters of Mendocino County are considered to be some of the cleanest on the West Coast. Many kelp beds and seaweed patches there go undisturbed year round by boaters and shore walkers, and the prevailing north to south current of the eastern Pacific Ocean carries all the contaminated muck expelled from the Golden Gate southward toward Los Angeles. In remote regions of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, there live other small seaweed harvesters, and most of these companies, like the handful in California, gather their veggies without the aid of motorized, fume spewing transport, and most dry their harvest in the sun..

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There were few other boats and we had the Canal and the Mohawk River almost to ourselves. The weather was perfect and it was easy to think of the early settlers who nearly two hundred years ago canoed up the Mohawk River in search of adventure and farmland. I need to reread my New York State history now that I have a better feeling for the area as seen by our ancestors.

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