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by Christal Leworthy (2019-04-25)

The S 500 closed at 2,047.60 on Friday, down 1.21% for the week. The best performing S 500 sectors for the week were Energy and Healthcare, which were up 2.2% and 0.89%, respectively. The worst performing sectors for the week were Telecommunication services and Financials, which were down 2.33% and 2.9%, respectively..

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buy viagra online Employment continued to rise, wages finally started inching higher, the Fed kept its power dry and energy prices rallied, but not so much as to cause harm to pocketbooks or corporate earnings. Investors also couldn't help but recognize the solid financial and competitive positions many large global companies have established since the financial crisis. Presidential race; and, most recently, a disturbing series of shootings in the United States that put the nation on edge.. buy viagra online

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