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by Sherry Grills (2019-04-25)

15 (tied with Arkansas) in 2010 and No. 13 in 2011. The Spartan Bookstore will conduct its annual clearance sale in the Sideline Shop, located inside the south end of the stadium. (Take multiple pictures of many items)Collect payments from eager Chinese women who want your discounted bags (this bag costs $650) in ChinaAccumulate $500 in total sales get an additional 10% off with coach Buy bags for $157.50 and sell them for $450 each.Yield a net of $242.50 per bag.End of each Week travel to a Chinese shipping center and ship the products!Rinse and repeat at any mall/outlet near you.It's not easy money given the learning curve, but it IS like playing life with cheats enabled.I made $5,000 in pure profits last Black Friday. 16 hours straight shopping though.For anyone judging me hear me out; I grew up without running water till Inwas 17 years old, but I'm a 90's kid. I beat the odds that said someone from my class wouldn't graduate highschool.

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