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by Cynthia Gertz (2019-04-24)

An arduous task awaits the Packers here as they are fresh off an exhausting road win in Dallas and now must spot some road points to a good defensive divisional opponent. Of course, the biggest disparity in this contest is at quarterback where all world Aaron Rodgers simply lays over what will in all likelihood be Keenum. However, we have enough confidence in the Minny stop unit to keep this one close.

"We had to get his equipment back up to speed because he hasn't played for a while," Heinze said. "As a kid growing up in Johnstown and a huge Penguins fans, just to be around him is pretty neat. To get him ready for this game is something that I never imagined and won't forget.".

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Moline's Olivia Ray did a wonderful thing several weeks ago when she constructed a life vest holder and put a pair of vests on the dock along Moline's Ben Butterworth Parkway. Her work was in response to a Galesburg father drowning when trying to rescue his son from the Mississippi River. Since then, Quad Citians have placed 16 life vests on the dock for people to use.

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