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by Flossie Nickel (2019-04-29)

Potentiators. Personally, I had no luck with any of them. I done agmatine, freezing, lemon juice, BSO, WGFJ, and many other things and honestly, they just weren worth it for me. Now this is all well and good if you live and wash in Carmel Valley, or even Southern California, but around here we do get these strung out periods of fog and a shortage of sunshine. This bring us to the subject of inside clothes lines and drying racks which are not fun nor convenient. Oh, a towel or two is OK, but with sheets, socks, and T shirts strung between bedrooms and the upstairs hall there is a desire to do the laundry a little less often.

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This was not a surprise to anyone. Tate had academic problems last year, which is why he missed summer voluntary workouts while taking enough classes to keep his eligibility. He didn earn his wings back until the summer grades came in, so this was going to continue to be a problem until he figured it out.

J'entends tellement d'entreprises me dire qu'elles ont quelques mois fabuleux, et qu'ensuite, a redevient neutre le mois suivant, explique t il. Elles disent ne pas pouvoir embaucher en fonction de quelques bons mois. La croissance n'a pas besoin d'tre immense, mais elle doit tre constante.

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