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by Kay Critchfield (2019-04-29)

Styled with Romantic and Modern influence. It a great way to see the city and connect with the people. There are stands for renting bikes along the road as well as fresh fruit, food, etc. So what we dealing with here is a cat who hasn learned to take care of his claws for himself as he was growing up, probably because he been kept indoors away from other cats. I was assuming that we were dealing with a normal, well adjusted cat; why would I not? If you adopted him as an adult then that isn your fault, so don think I blaming you. Now that you actually explained the situation, it sounds like you doing the best you can for him, so obviously I have no issue with that and salute your efforts.

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Duffy Irish Pub, 2106 Vermont Ave NW, has been known as a go to for Nationals and the die hards will be out in full force for this one. The game will likely be on all 15 flat screens. Against the Boston Celtics in game five of the NBA Conference Semifinals.

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