Issues and Challenges in Managing Catering and Food Retail Business in Karachi: Study of Tikka Inn Caterers

Muhammad Faisal Sultan, Umair Ahmed Jalali, Muhammad Asim


Catering Business is one of the fastest growing businesses hence managing this with limited resources in tough market conditions is a big challenge for entrepreneurs. Same is valid for Pakistan where the industry is dominated by giants like Hanif Rajput Caterers and United Caterers etc. Tikka-Inn is treated as one of the new and fastest growing parts of the industry. Therefore this study has been purposively designed on Tikka-Inn, in order to demonstrate the challenges pertaining to new entrepreneurs. Hence in order to validate findings of the case, data achieved through systematic interviews has been linked with the company’s records and available research literature. After all the association and validation findings of the study indicated that scarcity of financial resources is still a major issue for the entrepreneurs coupled with the intense level of competition, conditions of the city and regularity issues which entails entrepreneurs to device proper mechanism to overcome these hurdles especially in the category of catering and food retail business.


Catering, Business, Entrepreneurship and Challenges

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