Empirical Analysis of Ride Sharing Applications in Karachi

Saeed Ahmed, Subtain Burki


This study is an empirical analysis that evaluates the performance of Ridesharing and Taxi booking applications working in Karachi. It also investigates the quality and comfort offered across different classes of rides along with the prevalence of problem experienced by the rider in each class. It is concluded that Taxi Booking or Ride sharing applications in Karachi tend to exhibit various patterns and problems across different classes and frequency of rides. It is empirically verif ied that Business class is less disposed to diff iculties and glitches, which is an extra-advantage of Business class. However, the user experience of business class is not signif icantly different from the economy, which indicates that quality is not up to the mark. The level of comfort decreases with the frequency of rides, which means that it there is no cross-subsidy behaviour.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22555/ijelcs.v2i2.1943


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