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Monivongsa Bopharam is a Khmer temple located in Ward 1, Ca Mau City. The temple was built in 1964, with the architecture of bold traditional culture of the Khmer South. This is a place where cultural activities, ceremonial, sacred but also very familiar of the Khmer people living in Ca Mau city. From the date of death (September 16th to the full moon of the 10th lunar year) at Monivongsa Pagoda, Bopharam celebrated the Kathina ceremony at the pagoda. During that time, Khmer Buddhists will choose one or two days to carry out the "dedication" ceremony for the monks in the temple. Each temple is dedicated only once a year. The ceremonial offering is one of the major religious festivals of the Khmer people in general and Khmer people in Ca Mau city in particular, so the government does not require visa for Vietnam to participate in festivals. This. This ceremony was set up by the Buddha, because once upon a time there was a disciple after his departure to place bowls on muddy roads or cross the dense, thorny, dangerous jungle. So the robes were muddy and tattered. From then on, the Buddha accepted the monks to receive new robes, clean by the worshipers (in principle, the monk must manually sew garments from his own pieces of cloth scraps on the street).

The first festival was a festival of great thought for Buddhist monks and nuns. Through which the merit of human beings will be a great accumulation, hundreds of thousands of times compared to doing other charitable work. Therefore, although struggling to where the Buddhist, Khmer people will also try to save money, wealth, material, sacrifices to give offerings at the ceremony of offering medicine.