Falak Zehra Mohsin, Nadia Ayub Ali


The purpose of the current research is to develop a scale that
measures Emotional Labor in Urdu and the study describes the
procedure followed to develop the General Emotional Labor Scale
– Urdu (GELS – U). The process of scale development was broken
up into different phases. The first phase of scale construction dealt
with item generation and the second involved conducting a pilot
study. The sample for the pilot study consisted of 308 individuals.
Based on the results of the pilot study the items of the scale were
reduced from 49 to 30 using factor analysis and item-total
correlations. The last phase of the study entailed norms
development and establishing the reliability of GELS – U. For this
purpose, the sample consisted of 505 individuals. The internal
consistency of GELS – U was found to be 0.810, and the test-retest
reliability was 0.871. Thus, the General Emotional Labor Scale –
Urdu was developed as a measure of emotional labor in the national
language of Pakistan – i.e. Urdu. Such a scale can be useful for
not just researchers but for organizations in the service sector as
well. This will help understanding in the performance of emotional
labor, its effects on employees and the possibility of training
employees who might need to perform such labor.

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