A. Procedure for Paper Submission

  1. Login with your user id
  2. Ensure that your user id has the privilege as Author in Pakistan Business Review
  3. Once you are logged in, click on User Home (on the top panel)
  4. In the User Home page, you will find the option [New Submission] along the row on the right side where the text displays Author.
  5. Follow the steps properly to ensure that your submission is made with PBR.
B. Procdeure for Resubmiting a Revised Version of a research paper’s for the PBR

Please re-submit the revised version of your research paper  on our website:, The processes for resubmission  is as follows:

  1. Click on active submission button
  2. Click on the paper required to be resubmitted.
  3. Click on popup menu REVIEW
  4. See in the REVIEW page below where you will find author version submission box.
  5. Upload the revised paper on this box.

Please follow the above procedure, without which we will be unable to accept your revised paper

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More than one paper submission policy in the PBR

  1. PBR does not charge any fee for one submission in a year.
  2. If authors are interested to submit more than one paper in the PBR, then Rs. 10,000/= will be charged per submission.
  3. The cheque for the above amount may be sent to The Managing Editor, Institute of Business Management.
  4. If the paper gets rejected during the review process, the remaining balance will be returned back to the author.
  5. If paper gets accepted, the fee would be consumed in meeting the refereeing costs will therefore not be returned to the authors.
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